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Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's Books

The 10 Ms of Money: Why we lose money: motives, mindsets and mistakes, How we make money: making, managing, multiplying, magnetising it, The God factor: mandate, ministry and miracle of money

Power of Positive Prayer: 2000 Prayer Points - 10 Ways to Get Heaven's Attention v. 1 Paperback – Import, January 1, 1997

God wants to visit you and when God comes to visit, He is coming with the intention to come and dwell with, sojourn and reside with you for a period of time.

In this insightful piece, the author challenges readers to explore and exercise their faith in practical ways.Whilst acknowledging the various challenges that we all face when walking in faith ..

12 Major steps for perpetuating wealth: Building and passing wealth generationally, God gives seed to every man so that they can reproduce themselves in the next generation

33 irrevocable laws of wealth creation: Creating wealth in good and bad times. The intention of this book is not to get you excited but show you why believers need to apply the Laws of Wealth Creation.

The Creative Edge: Discover – Develop – Demonstrate. 70 Ways To Be Creative. This book argues that since we are created in the image of God, our Creator, all of us possess innate creative abilities. It proceeds to demonstrate how our experiences and approach to life can hinder these abilities.