In 2006, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, began a programme which can only be described as a vibrant demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

James 1:27

The initiative began when Pastor Matthew was directed by God to donate cloth and other items to widows. He began giving to 300 widows, and each successive year, as the news of his charitable deeds spread, so did the numbers receiving the benefits increase. Latest figures in January 2014, shows over 3000 widows being blessed by this initiative.
The widows are mostly aged, but among them are a number of young women in their early twenties who lost their husbands in tragic circumstances. Several of the widows belong to the Muslim faith but this has not stopped KICC from reaching out to them. The governor of the state commended Pastor Matthew’s obedience to God’s call.

What People Say About Pastor Matthew

Pastor Matthew you have been such a blessing to my life personally. It has been a real honour to have you as my spiritual father for the past 22 years. Something I do not take for granted.
Under Pastor Matthew’s spiritual guidance I have been able to live a compromise-free life in the 21st century, something which may be seen as ”different” to people of the world, however as Pastor would say we have not been called to fit in, we are meant to stand out and be different.
There is never a Sunday that I go to church, that Pastor Matthew doesn’t speak a Word in Season for my life. The anointing on Pastor Matthew’s life is so strong, and just to be able to connect with that is a blessing for me. I don’t doubt the fact that millions across the world have been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Matthew over the years, but for me personally it is Pastor Matthew’s warmth, light jokes during services, and non-judgemental character that have enabled me to feel comfortable in this ministry

Zoe Adeyemi

I was invited to KICC by a white lady in January 1995 but unfortunately she does not come to KICC anymore. After listening to the message by Pastor Matthew on that day I knew that was going to be my church. I was at that time, looking for a Church to attend.

I was not growing as a Christian in my former church even though I had been a Christian for a long time. I then invited my wife the following week.

One thing I always did was to buy the message after each service and I would listen to it. I realised that there were somethings Pastor said that I did hear during the service. As result of that I saw growth in my Christian life. I grew tremendously in my Christian life during the first year of being in KICC.

Sam Appiah-Adu